Peste 40 000 de produse IT și electronice de consum de la producători de top


  • Cod ELKO
The small Led Display, RGBARR, is a single LED panel of around 32 cm long, the equivalent of 64 pixels, but can be configured to as many as 10 panels per row or even more. 
At the smallest dimensions, 32x16 cm (64x32 pixels), the display can show three characters written at their largest size. It is usually used in combination with Metrici Parking Place Detector to show number of free/busy places for every row in the parking lot, at the end of the line.
It is usually set to display 2 characters/numbers and an arrow. The position and the orientation of the arrow can be changed from displayer's own web interface. The arrow indicate the direction where free parking spots are available. 
It has WiFi networking communication to access Metrici database and retrieve the information
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Specificațiile, imaginile și echipamentele pot fi modificate de către producător fără notificare prealabilă.